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An Introduction to Candle Wick Sizing

candle wick size chart

The resulting wax is still yellow and still has the signature honey-like scent, although the filtering may have lightened up the wax a little bit. The nomenclature of square braid cotton wicking refers to the number of bundles, the ply of the wick, and how tightly it is braided. The 6/0 to 1/0 range of wicks, are constructed a bit differently than the larger wicks, but all of them are square which helps to channel the wax fumes up to the flame. It is important to keep your wicks well labeled and separated since similar sizes look identical. Often the only difference is the tightness of the braiding. Selecting the correct candle wick family and then size, is the final and most essential part of the candle development process.

Selecting the Correct Wick SizeDetermining which size candle wick is best for a particular candle type is dependent on a variety of factors. During Wicks Unlimited’s confidential candle wick size consultation, we begin the conversation by asking a few fundamental questions. These are the most commonly used wick type for many types of candles. They may be used for votives, pillars, and in gel candles. The wire core in the wick helps the wick to remain standing straight while the candle is being poured and when the candle is lit.

Choosing the Right Candle Wicks:

You can simply look at the chart below, or it you prefer, you can download the chart and print it off to use at home. It is critical to keep an eye on the candles while they are burning, especially when testing new wicks. The market offers so many different wick types to compliment the variety of waxes, containers, and fragrances. It’s really not a candle without one, but where do you start?

The CandleScience guide to choosing the right wick size for your candle. Looking at the chart, you can go with two LX 12 or ECO 4 wicks. Finding the right wicks is more than simply placing two in the same container. A simple way to figure out the correct size is by dividing the candle in two. You’ll then need two wicks that can melt each part of the candle.

candle wick size chart

Soy wax, for example, has a longer, slower burn time than paraffin wax, so a thinner wick may be best. Let’s start with the most vital factor in choosing candle wicks – the diameter of the candle. Either pull out a ruler and measure this or read the details for this information before ordering your candle containers. As you can see, there is a lot weighing on the choice of your candle wicks. But, by keeping these factors in mind, you will ensure a candle burns optimally, with a great scent throw and without unnecessary toxins. Choosing the right candle wicks is crucial if you want to avoid candle wick problems and create high-quality candles.


This block will take some time and work before it can be used. As you can see, the actual diameter is about the same, bu the number of threads and the configuration of the thread clusters that make up the wicks are different. Once you choose a wick that satisfies all criteria, you’re done! Most people burning a candle tackle this endeavor without any structure or rules. Also called a stress test, the candle is burned to prove that left unattended, or burned for a long time, is not detrimental to the user.

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It has a paper filament throughout that provides excellent rigidity and strength. The slight curl also reduces carbon buildup, also known as mushrooming. These are versatile and can be used in several waxes.

An under wicked candle will not burn out to the edge of the container but will instead burn down the middle, or ‘tunnel’. Often the flame will extinguish itself before all the wax is burned. LX wicks are easy to distinguish, as they have a flat braided style with a stabilizing thread. The thread creates a slight curl as it burns; it gives the candle a consistent and stable flame. LX is a flat braided wick stabilizing thread and special treatment. And it can also stop the increase in temperature of the burning candle.

Step 3: Measure diameter

At a certain point, increasing candlewick size produces too large and too smokey of a candle flame. Prevent those things from happening by using two smaller wicks instead. To achieve a good “crackle” sound with the wooden wicks, it is very important that you do not use too much fragrance oil. The crackle is a direct result of the correct amount of fragrance oil, type of wax, and amount of dye being used. So if you test your candle with an LX 14 and after testing it appears to be under wicked, try the next size up, in that case, an LX 16. Getting the wick size correct can make or break your candle.

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You may successfully print the chart at 100% size, but depending on your printer, the margins may be cut off. Besides being unsightly, these are what ultimately can clog the wick, and ultimately keep the wax from reaching the flame. The blocks above, show the top and bottom of a wax block that I bought. From the top, it looks reasonably clean, but on the bottom, quite a bit of honey can be seen.

So, what makes a great candle and how is it achieved? Beeswax candles are more than wax and a cotton string. They are a symbiotic relationship between air, wax, and wick. Since the most challenging candle to get right is the pillar candle, I will focus most of this article on the components of making a great pillar candle. In my opinion, the perfect pillar candle will create a burn pool that extends out most of the diameter of the candle, but not all the way.

When To Use Two Candle Wicks

If nothing you’re doing seems to work – you’ve tried every series and size – make a bare naked candle (no fragrance oil or dye) and see if the same thing happens. If your original three wick sizes all fail, check the chart above for corrections. If you’re combining several waxes into one, consider starting with the wick series for the wax making up the largest percentage of your blend. Everything from vegetable wax, like soy or palm, to traditional wax like paraffin or beeswax.

candle wick size chart

The chart gives some general guidelines for wick sizes, but in order to ensure that the correct wick size is used, a burn test needs to be performed. Actually, the odds of getting it right on the first try is pretty rare, so this test probably needs to be performed multiple times until the right wick size is found. Several factors go into choosing a candle wick size for the container you’re using. Choosing the right wick size is crucial if you want to make a high-quality candle. The color, scent, and container don’t matter if the wick isn’t correctly sized because your candle simply won’t burn properly. As just mentioned, a certain type of candle wax may work better with some candle wicks, and others may not.

C-3 Soy Wax

The combination of proper burning protocol and correct wick size should ensure that the burn pool reaches the desired width. The wick suggested on the chart is a good starting point explain the limitation of gdp as welfare. for choosing your wick size. Wicks Unlimited supplies premium pre-waxed candle wick for manufacturers to create candles with unique specifications that their customers want.

These are self-trimming and clean-burning with minimized mushrooming, smoke, and soot. ECO wicks are excellent for waxes with a lower melting point. In this part, we’ll show you how to conduct a candle wick burn test so that you can finally choose the right wick size for your handmade candles. Then, you can make batch candles with the right wicks. CD candle wick is a coreless, flat cotton wick braided with thin paper filament throughout. To make things simpler, we have made a list of mainstream candle wicks in the market and what type of wax they work best with.

If you’re making candles with candle making kits, things will be simpler as some of them may include the right wicks to pair the candle wax and containers. Hi, I’m Carl Adamson, one of the founders here at Candleers. A few years ago I got really into the art and craft of candle making, initially with soy wax container candles. My friends started asking me to make candles for them and pretty soon it turned into a nice side-business.

  • Wicks Unlimited supplies premium pre-waxed candle wick for manufacturers to create candles with unique specifications that their customers want.
  • A type of wax may work better with a certain type of wick.
  • In such situations, we need to add another wick to make double wick candles.
  • The wick you choose will depend on how much fragrance oil you put in the candle.

When you light the candles make sure that they are spaced out on a safe burning surface at least 6 inches away from each other. If it wont stay lit because it is clogged that could be from using something to dye your candle with pigments in it or accumulated dust and debris on the surface wax. Pigments are coloring that uses small particles like mica or using crayons to color your candles. Here are some common symptoms related to candle wicks and how to fix them. The Right Size Wick
Use the following test to determine the proper wick size and scale up or down as needed. The design and nomenclature of this wicking is, I believe somewhat unique to the U.S.

You can fix this problem by using a wick-centering device such as a wick bar or a clothespin. Another possible problem could be the location you are testing the candle has a draft. Make sure there is no draft that can impact the burn profile of the candle while testing. I know this process will take a long time and you will use a lot of supplies.

If the wick is too small, the candle will struggle to stay lit. If the wick is too large, the candle will burn too quickly and produce smoke. The ideal size wick will make a uniform flame without any issues such as tunneling or smoke.

Besides, a pre-waxed wick will help your candle burn more evenly and more reliably. If you’re running a candle making business, using waxed wicks will make your candle more professional. It’s so important to choose the right candle wick for your DIY candle projects. But there are many options; different wick materials and sizes, different wax types and candle sizes. Here’s a guide to our candle wicks to help you get started. These wicks have all been primed (pre-waxed), cut to the specified length, and tabs have already been crimped on.



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